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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Countdown to History!

Now with 10 days left until this historic election, we in America have much to ponder! Because whether or not Mitt Romney finally realizes his dream and becomes President, Or if President Obana is elected to a second term and salvages his legacy, we in America have much to consider! Racism, sexism, classism, religion, politics and personal beliefs. Much has been unearthed during this election season, and the picture of what we have seen is akin to the picture of Dorian Grey! While America presents A image to the world, the picture hidden presents the ugliness within! And that ugliness, more than anything else, on Day one, As Mitt Romney likes to say, is what we, as Americans in America must prepare to confront! Because as we countdown to history in America, we have seen the enemy, and he is US!!!!

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