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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

are you ready? (if Obama Loses)

While many are hoping, and praying that it isnt the case, I Hope that America, particulalrly BLACK America is ready for the debate and discussion that must be had IF( and make no mistake its a BIG if) Obama loses his re-election bid! Because in MY opinion, a Loss by the president would be the completion of the steps backward that America has been taking ever since this president, this BLACK president was elected!  It seems that ever since Barrack Obama stepped forward into history, a concerted effort has been made to turn back the clock on that history! This president has suffered Jibes and insults, far more than any who has come prior to him save perhaps President Clinton! And while the Clinton ordeal was purely political, the Obama ordeal has been purely racial in its motivation, again in  My opinion! From day one this president has fought a uphill struggle, with NO Co-operation at all, and while his own hubris may have lead him to downfall, it is clear that the slope was adequately greased!!!! And with this being so clear and apparent to us in Black America, the question is: What will we, as a people, do  in the event of A Obama loss? Of course if the Obama ship goes down ,like rats on a sinking ship, those defenders of the status quo, those who are allways deployed to keep the "natives" from getting restless to coin a phrase, will come forward to placate us with platitudes and their like!  But rather than being sedated, I would hope that the black community NATIONWIDE gets more seditious than sedated! Especially after examining the last four years of having a black president in office, seeing what he has gone thru, and knowing the truth, the REAL truth of why he has gone thru it!!! We have seen where playing the game and the role has gotten us, and, as they virtually run the First Black president out of town on a rail, I would hope that rather than being complacent about it, we as a people get MILITANT about it!!! Because you can bet if  the president Himself had been a little more militant about it, he would be getting called out by people Like Donald trump and the many others who have done so over the last four years! SO the question is out there Black America, Are you ready if Obama loses? We'll see!!

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