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Friday, October 12, 2012

Post VP debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of the VP debate  it should be very clear to anyone with any intelligence at all, that this debate proved that Paul Ryan is not ready to be president! This is what the VP debate is supposedly all about, THE main litmus test! But, after a night and most of the day monitoring the airwaves, I have yet to hear any media outlet even addressing that fact! Proof positive that the Media is full of, as VP Biden said "Malarkey"!!! That aside, it was clear, even to the NY Post that Joe Biden won the debate. It was , in my view, akin to a virgin being fed to a porn star! It was a rough,rugged, and raw first experience for the Virgin Ryan! And while the media may want to make fodder out of the rough  treatment given Ryan by Biden, the Facts last night spoke for themselves. Who would you trust between the two, Biden & Ryan, to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Last night the answer was clear to all, except for the twitterverse and those focused upon the trivial! so with this now aside, all focus and I mean ALL will now turn to tues Oct 16 and the next debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama in NY!!!
Because to be succint, Tues one of the tow is going to take a Giant step towards the Presidency!
(Look for a in depth pre debate analysis this weekend right here!)

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