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Sunday, October 7, 2012

sage wisdom redux!

Not to say I told you so, but frankly I did! and in support of that statement of FACT I now,for your enjoyment and information, repost from my blog this from june 2012:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Straight Talk!!!(Political paint job)

As I have allready stated, this presidential election will be decided during the late summer early fall debates, indeed the first debate may be the key debate! But in the struggle for positive perception in the minds of the voting public this summer, it will be Straight and Hard talk that wins the day!!!! There will be much speculation and much agitation in the media and from media pundits about who is gaining and holding ground with the voting public.But the fact of the matter is, the picture of leadership is the one that will reasonate with the public over the relentless summer of media soundbites and pursuit of relevance!! If President Obama looks like a president, acts like a president and sounds like a president, then he will win the day, but if he looks like anything less, and sounds like anything less, then he will not! Perception is reality, and he who paints the best picture of reality will be percived as president! And for the President it will take straight talk, hard and fast! Mitt Romney is attempting to Paint a political masterpiece, on the canvas left him by four years of republican stonewalling, and if the American public is allowed to simply view that painting then the reviews will be in ,and they wont be good for President Obama! But if the president Begins to paint another picture, with the canvas left Him but four years of republicans tonewalling and more then the reviews will come in and they wont be good for republican hopes!
Straight talk plain and simple!!!


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