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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pre VP debate Analysis

With the debacle of President Obama's debate performance still fresh in the eyes and minds of the world, it will be up to VP Joe Biden to deliver the big payoff tomorrow evening as he contests against Republican nominee Paul Ryan. And while this looks like a slam dunk, we again must turn to the events of last week to remind us not to assume! But if anyone can deliver the goods under pressure like this, it will be Joe Biden! And indeed, in all likelihood, given a strong performance ByVP biden, Ryan may assume the empty chair position tomorrow nitgt on stage! Tomorrow Joe Biden, in one fell stroke, can not only rescue the Obama presidency from the  hole last week's debate non performance put it in, but it will also be a major barometer and statement regarding VP Bidens own presidentital hopes in 2016! So tomorrow night, before the biggest audience EVER to watch a VP debate, VP biden will either prove himself to be Derek Jeter, or A-Rod!

Look for Post debate analysis tomorrow people!

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