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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post debate Analysis

AS the final debate fades into memory, it should be clear that, in this debate season, Mitt Romney was the Luckiest man on the planet!! Becuase clearly, if President Obama hadnt been so pre occupied with his anniversary at the first debate, this election(given his strong and forceful performances at the last two debates)would have been out of reach for Romney! But He didnt and now the rest is potentially history!
Clearly The president has won the last two debates, and last evening he actually looked the part of a strong and confident president, while Mitt Romney looked as inexperienced as he is! But for all that has gone in these debates, they turned out to be nothing more than making up the massive amount of ground that the President lost in his intital debate "performance"! Millions of people have been watching these debates, the voters actually tuned in, and That viewership will be a major factor on election night! But now that is all behind us, It is time for the stretch run, and for Both these candidates that is exactly what it will be, A stretch run! Neither of the candidates can afford to come off the campaign trail until virtually election day and they wont, because this race is now that close! So prepare for a long election night america, because clearly, (as has been said at this blog before) this race wont be over until  the concession speech!!!

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