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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pre debate analysis

AS tonights presidential debate looms, it is safe to  say that this debate will be perhaps the most watched debate in Presidential political history, and I dare saythat it may just indeed live up to the hype! there is much to be talked about and discussed, particulalrly on the domestic front, and it will and should be well debated between candidate Romney & President Obama!

Despite all of the media efforts towards same, this will not decend into a contest of one upmanship and one liners, and I do hope that Mitt Romney doesnt play too much into the urgency of where his camapign now is. This is a chance between two asute statements to be as such, but Im sure that the surroundings will be a factor, But I hope that it is remembered that this is a presidential debate, not a wrestling match! I hope the crwd is kept as far out of this debate as possible, and that the issues and the candidates records on same are allowe dto take center stage.

I will ,of course, review the results tomorrow afternoon so until then, to your corners candidates, and come out swinging!!!

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