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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pre Presidential Debate analysis

AS the second Presidential debate is less than 72 hrs away, in the "friendly" climes of Long Island, President Obama will have the opportunity to rectify the debacle of last week, when he takes on Mitt Romney! But as he prepares, he cannot let the negative media that came forth in the aftermath of the Biden Victory( and anyone who tells you that Joe Biden didnt win is a MORON plain and simple) sway him(President Obama) into being restrained in his posture! Because make no Mistake, Mitt Romney will "go there", and he will have no problem doing it! He is filled with confidence, and why not?! He's won one debate, why not another?! President Obama MUST be strong, he must be forceful, and he must convey confidence not only to the audience in the town hall, but to the Millions around the world who will be watching! Confidence  in his positions , confidence in his policies, confidence in himself!!! Because make no mistake, LOSING IS NOT A OPTION!!! A loss here by the Obama campaign will be nothing less than disastarous! Indeed, a loss here could insure a one term presidency for Team Obama! So, for President Obama, it's time to play the position! It's time to play up to your status, no three pointers Mr. President, its time to go to the hole, and get the points and the call! Simply put If you are to win this debate you must "go there"  and often, without hesitation! Because if the Big Morning Buzz on Weds is about Mitt Romney, then The Obama administration may find itself in a hole that nothing will be able to dig them out of!

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