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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are you ready( If Romney Loses)

So if, on a week from tues, Mitt Romney falls short in his final campaign for President, are the reupublicans ready for the fallout that will come from his loss? Becuase if Mitt does lose, this will stand as yet another national repudiation of  republican extremism! In  2008, after their being repudiated in this manner, President Obama failed to capitalize on the opportunity to marginalize the republicans and extreme republicanism, in a extreme show of hubris and  political naievete, but if he gets the chance once more, do you think he will make the same mistake twice? And while much talk may be made about the fiscal cliff, if Romney loses, you can say that the republican party will stand, due to it, on a political cliff, one that the democrats can and should push them over with issues like obstructionism and all that has come from it! IE: the fiscal cliff, major unemployment, war footing, racism and sexism as policy, and the negative influence of religion on same! Simply put ,close race or no, a loss is a loss, and close as Mitt is, he still can lose!And if he does, it will be 100% due to republican extremism and the american publics opposition to same! And if the American voters show, by their vote, a rejection of such extremeism, if they do decide to, as president Obama has run on, to go forward, to keep walking into the future that his election was a giant step toward, the question for the republican party is:Are  you ready???

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