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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pre Presidential debate analysis

AS we prepare for the final presidential debate this monday between President Obama  and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney, it is clear that this debate should live up to the billing of being "The Smoka in Boca"!! Because this will be, for all intents and purposes, the candidates final opportunity to make a major impression on a large amount of voters! The previous debates between these candidates have had some of the largest audiences in American history, and I dont see why that trend wont continue! After the strong performance by President Obama in the last debate, both candidacies are back on even keel. But thanks to what may amount to a historic failure in the first debate by the President, victory and the presidency is wtihin reach for the Romney camapign! And considering that it( The Romney campaign) was all but dead in the water some 3 weeks ago, only speaks to the magnitude of Obama's failure!  So look for the final push to begin this Monday. The president, though he is clearly loathe to do it, must  connect with his inner animus, his inner angry black man, and he must convert it into another strong and forceful performance, because he cannot afford a slip this close to election day!  While Mitt Romney must, after the debacle of the Libya fact check, must be more pointed and resolute with his attacks! He(Romney) got back in the game big time due to his first debate performance, but in the second, he performed like he was still  out of it! And the unnecessary agression that came due to that cost him the second debate! So as the Smoka In Boca arrives on Monday, this will be the beginning of the end, Destiny, or Historic legacy which will win the day?

Of course look for a Post debate analysis on tuesday folks!

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