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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Potential vs Propensity( The 2012 Vote!)

As we in America on Tuesday prepare to enter the ballotting process and choose a President, it is clear, at least to me any way, that this vote will be a statement on where we stand as a nation! This vote will either state in its result that we are indeed,moving forward to our true potential as a nation and a people, or that we are once again living up to our historical propensity to stagnate our own growth as a nation and a people!
Simply put, this vote will state that either we are moving forward away from the politics of division, of racism, of discrimination, of sexism, that we are indeed seeking to live up to the potential of America, a America where we all are counted , where we all matter, or we will will , in this vote, take a giant step backward where on one side will stand 47 percent of the nation and on the other side will stand those who beleive in and support stereotypes, who harbor racism, who practice sexism, who believe in profiling, those who beleive that they have a greater claim on this nation than others have! Potential versus propensity. Never have the stakes been higher! And while I will be very happy to see America embrace, by a vote for President Obama, its true potential, I wouldnt be a bit surprised to see America, with a vote for Mitt Romney, embrace its  historical propensity!
All that remains is the story that the vote will tell! Time to choose America! Potential or Propensity?

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