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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Second Chance( for a democratic future)

AS the first salvo is launched by President Obama in the fight that MUST be had with the republicans about jobs and the restructuring and refinancing of the Bush tax cuts as they relate to the National debt, I am hoping that this second chance that this nation has, in the re-election of President Obama, converts itself into a productive paving of the way for a democratic future in America! Because in 1996, like 2010, after a concentrated and orchestrated political assault by republican politicians and republican interests, the republicans took roost in the House of Representitives. And, seeing the Holy grail in reach, total political control, the republicans embarked upon a major effort of scandalization and obstructive politics in order to achieve that goal! And, due to Then Vice president Gore's running away from the solid record of achievement that was delivered to him by then President Clinton, GW Bush was elected, and the opportunity for a productive Democratically  lead age in America was lost, as was peace and our financial security! But now ,with the re-election of President Obama the opportunity looms again for a protracted and productive democratic age! Indeed ,with a agressive legislative agenda coupled with a even more agressive political one, America could see, and enjoy a democratic rule until at least 2024,  IF the democrats plan and play the cards right! But they msut begin with the planning and the playing now and not later! The marginalization of the republicans must begin now and not later! It is very rare in this world that you get a second chance to do things right, but that is exactly what the Democrats got in the re-election of President Obama on tues! I strongly urge the president and the democrats to see the Big picture here, because a legislative and social utopia is within their reach, they only need to reach out and grab it!!!!

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