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Thursday, November 8, 2012

the New legislative reality(when the Hunters become the Hunted!)

Now that President Obama has resoundingly secured his second term in office, it is time that  those who relentlessly, for the last four years, politically hunted the president and his administration become the hunted! It is time that those in the republican congress and party who preyed upon the presidents politcal naievete and hubris to become the prey! For four years obstruction , marching in locked step, and flat out denial led america to suffer, due to
the political designs and dreams of a party who sought total control of America! But that dream was completely shattered on election night! And with that dream dashed, those who fancied themselves political predators now realize that they are indeed vunerable, that they can easily become political prey!!! Four years ago President Obama reached a hand across the aisle, only to have it nearly bitten off! And now four years later the lesson must have been learned! It's time for the Hunters to Become the Hunted, and a agressive legislative agenda pushed by the President can do just that! Putting jobs and the jush tax cuts front and center!!!! Its time to push for the restructing of the Bush tax cuts so they can assist with the refinancing of American debt, its time to push for a new American jobs act so Americans can regain the dignity of work! The long grass of Politics is gone, and the republicans can no longer hide in it! Its time for the real work to be done and for the nation to move forward! And in this new legislative enviorment and political reality those who were, for four years, the Hunters, are about to become THE HUNTED!!!!

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