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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012 (the aftermath)

With the victory of President Obama last evening, a legacy was salvaged and a foundation for the future was secured! Because if Mitt Romney had succeeded in his effort, not only would have Barrack Obama had a sad legacy as president, but the scar his loss would have inflicted on African American politics would have been long in its healing! But the Romney effort failed.And while Mitt has nothing to hang his head about, indeed, If he still has the stones for it, he should give it a go in 2016, the FACT remains that Barrack Obama has won a second term as President! And, with that second term, he has been handed a clear mandate to LEAD!!!  Not to compromise, not to obfusciate, but to LEAD!!! That is what was invested into him last evening by the American people, and this investment needs to register with the republicans and their cohorts on Wall St!!! No more politics, no more obstruction of same, no more schorched earth!!
The american people want President Obama to lead and they want you to get out of the way!!!
They want Jobs and economic relief, and they want you to pay your fair share!!! Last night the 47(and a few more ) spoke and it was with a voice that rang throught America! And that voice spoke with a african-american voice, a latino american voice, a womans voice, a homosexuals voice, a Unionized voice and it said ENOUGH!!!! And it(the voice) cannot be denied! The four year effort to unseat President Obama has failed(Ironic isnt it) and with its failure let the putting of politics before the peoples interest die! Let there be a laser beam focus on the 25 Million americans who, this holiday season, have NO INCOME, NO JOB, NO PROSPECTS!! And if
there is a continued failure by the republicans to focus on that, then President Obama must lead the effort to regulate them to the fringe where they belong!!!! This election said one thing
Americans are ready to move FORWARD!!! So Lets go!!!!And this time with Feeling Mr. President!!!!

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