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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pre Thanksgiving Political stuffing!

 Before you load up on family & food this thursday, here's some political stuffing to enjoy.

HIllary Clintons run as Sec of State will be a tough act to follow, and If Susan Rice is President Obama's choice  it's clearly going to be a VERY tough act! Benghazi was a tragedy, But the republican's clearly political minded pursuit of it as a issue is making it into a travesty! The famous quote applies here" Have you no decency sir!!!???"

Mitt Romney say nothing until your first major post election interview PLEASE!! That will give you time to put together a RATIONAL explanation!

Republicans, please learn it  will take REAL, not  feigned concern and committment to diversity
and the diverse issues of concern for the American electorate to change your political fortunes!
American didnt and wont fall for tokenism! I have seen your future and it is Condoleeza Rice!
You should beg her to become National Republican committee chair!

If America goes over the fiscal Cliff it will be due to the republicans committing political suicide!

If anything is signalling that Post racialism is on the rise in America, it would be that the Minority vote carried the presidential election, but if anything is signaliing that racism is still a problem it would be that only 39 percent of white voters voted for President Obama!

In 2013 the first thing on the congressional agenda must be a "jobs" bill. Anything less is a continued disservice to the american public!

The wall street sell off is not a vote of confidence for President Obama, strange that considering that Wall street has never profitted more than under the Obama Administration.

And lastly; BAIL OUT HOSTESS!!!!!!

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