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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best defense-----!

AS the saying goes "The best defense is a good offense". And as he prepares to move forward into his second term, It would behoove President Obama VERY well to apply this philosophy and methodology towards his endeavors policywise and as he deals with the Republicans on Capitol Hill! Because, as he saw and was subjected to for the last four years, the republicans excel, indeed thrive when on the political offense! The republicans thrive when they dictate the debate, and control policy ebb & flow, that is where they are at their best! But, as seen during the campaign of 2012, when they are forced to the defense, having to explain their positions and the whys and whereforse of same, that is where they, quote unquote,FAIL!! So, knowing this, I would strongly advise President Obama, His Administration, and the National Democrats to embark upon a national and sustained offense of their own! Putting the Republicans on the defense, calling them out on what after four years of same, the american public roundly and soundly rejected at the ballot box! The scandalization and the partisanship! We dont need John McCain on capitol hill likening President Obama to Nixon , and Benghazi to Watergate! We dont need Lindsay Graham pontificating about Susan Rice and what he"believes" about the president! The people have spoken, they dont want that, they want action on Jobs  and the future! And as the republicans begin the same old political same old, its time for the Democrats, led by President Obama, to CHANGE THE GAME!!! And that"game" will be forever changed by going after the republicans, holding them to account before the American public  on their relentless partisianship and scandalization! It's time for the democrats to go on the offense here, because if they do, simply put, the republicans have NO DEFENSE!!!!

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