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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Less Talk, more ACTION!!!!(from Congress)

IN the last 5 years I ask you America, has the republican led congress been a body of talk, or a body of action?  I think the answer to that is simple and plain!They've been a body of POLITICAL talk and POLITICAL action!!!! IN the last 5 years, only one party has taken action for and in the interests of the people, and it hasnt been the republicans! This is a FACT!!! As this economy has created all manner of problems for Americans , what has the republican party done to stem the tide, to assuage the pain, to relieve the suffering of AMERICANS??????!!!!  The answer is NOTHING!!!!To the Stimulus they said NO! To Healthcare(Obamacare) they said NO! To the bailing out of the Auto Industry they said NO!!! Anything in the interest of the AMERICAN people, anything to address what is the most relevant issue for Americans which is Jobs and the economy they have said NO to!! And what has the Republican party devoted their energies to for the last 5 years? Politics, Politics POLITICS!!! well to the republicans I say ENOUGH! Enough of Future debt, enough of Minor scandals, enough of  Politically motivated attacks!!!!  Its time for less Politically motivated talk, and  more congressional ACTION!!! You werent elected for political  purposes, you were elected to serve!!! And quite frankly the 25 million  or so unemployed individuals in America are and have been ill served By you, the republican led congress!!!! And In My view that is a Far greater crime against America than Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, or any other politically motivated scandal you can dream up!!! Where is the republican LEADERSHIP on JOBS, On the ECONOMY? Becasue as Bill Clinton said back in 1992 It's the economy stupid, and guess what IT STILL IS!!!! SO enough with the political grandstanding and talk, Its time for action please!!!!

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