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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Politics and Policy (foreign and otherwise)

With the insanity of radical elements in the middle east once again giving rise to senseless violence there, America again is put on the spot regarding its foreign policy. And ,once we are put on that spot ,we are(as americans) subjected to Politics as foreign policy! Politics, foreign or otherwise has become a serious hinderance to any and all efforts to address situations that arise, from terrorism and the chaos in the middle east, to the economic situation in the west!!! Does EVERYTHING have to be politicized? Does it?!!! Is politics solving the issues in the Middle east, or excaserbating them! Politics is certainly not doing a thing to help the millions of Americans who are looking for work! There is a place and time for many things, but in times of crisis, and issues of same, THAT is never the place for Politics!!! And it would and will be a better world when Politics is not THE driving force behind every action by those who are supposed to be LEADERS!~!!!!

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