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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Occupy Anniversary(what might have been)

Today in America, they celebrated the Anniversary of what might have been, that what might have been being the Occupy Movement! For one year ago, from Wall Street to Hong Kong, change was in the air! People were up and motivated and in the streets! And, flushed with the idea that something might actually be done and achieved, I rushed to the streets to join in! But now, as I look back one year later, we can see that Occupy, for all its promise, for the opportunity that , due to immaturity and lack of real leadership, failed to be capitalized upon, was nothing more than a Giant Party! A party under the premise of committing to action, to commiting to change! There were issues to be addressed and indeed occupy was well on the road to addressing them, but when the issue became the occupation, and not the issues themselves, it was then that this movemnt began to falter and eventually fail! Occupy had a chance to be more, a lynchpin moment in american history, but in the end, it became  sadly forgettable, and as they tried  today and failed  to recapture that moment, we in America can only, sadly, muse on what might have been!

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