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Friday, September 14, 2012

Political Stew

Whats in the Pot: Bernanke coming out for JOB stimulus is something that is long overdue! There are 25 Million people unemployed in America and ,other than the American Jobs act, we havent heard anything from capitol hill! JOBS!!!!!! That is more important than the debt, than the budget,  than anything!!! JOBS! Which create revenue, which fuel the economy, JOBS!!! And it is to the discredit of the republican congress that they have put jobs on the backburner in Favor of POLITICS!

The current Unrest in the"Arab world" is just the latest in a series of petulant actions that need seriously to be reined in! They take offense at their religion being criticized, but say and do nothing about the myriad of offensive things that have been done "in the name of Allah"! Maimings, killings, the encouraging of murder of Innocents, war, rape and so much more! Simply put ,due to overindulgence they actually think that we should be afraid of them , that we should be scared of them. I think its time to remind them in the Arab world who wears the Big boy pants!!!

I think its the height of hypocracy to try to blame Obama for this current terrorism situation. Especially when the same voices who are raised in criticism now of his presidency  were  oh so silent in the aftermath of 9/11/01 and all that it wrought and the presidency that it happned under! Hypocrites and demogogues  one and all!

No more Big sodas? Are you serious? So there is now a black market for Large sodas? in the words of Ed Lover Cmon son!!!

I think that's a satisfying pot of stew, dont you?

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