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Friday, September 7, 2012

DNC final night review and analysis

Simply put, as the DNC came to a close last evening, America may have witnessed the greatest Political convention of all time! The democrats put on a powerful show for the last three days one that will not soon be forgotten, and if they carry the energy, the attitude, indeed the SWAGGER out onto the camapign trail, then not only will the Democrats hold the White House, and defend the Senate, but they may very well reclaim the house as well!!! This week America bore witness to a democratic party the likes of what has not been seen in America, in and since ,well, forever! Fired up and galvanized, and as they(the democrats enter into the final stage of this long campaign season THAT is exactly what the democrats need!! Giving as good, indeed better than what they get from the republicans!! That is the key to victory for the Democrats in 2013, and if this Convention was any indication, victory is within grasp!!! The democrats are back baby! With a vengence!!!!!

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