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Saturday, May 30, 2015

NYS politics, the work goes on!!!!

AS the legislative session ends in NY, despite all of the corruption, despite all of the devastation, despite Preet Bhrarra, despite Cuomo VS Deblasio, despite Both House leaders being Indicted, despite all that, and this is something that must be understood and focused on, IF we are indeed to reclaim NY politics, and the state of same from the image and perception of Corruption and politics as usual that it has garnered, it must be understood that THE WORK, the PEOPLES WORK, goes on!!!! It can be lost amid all the glamor, pomp and circumstance that is NYS politics, but this is the PEOPLES work that is being done!!! Virtually millions of people are counting on, every day, that this work is getting done!!! Because for them, these are life defining, life changing decisions and actions that are being taken!!! The PEOPLE WORK, the TRUE PRIORITY and PRIORITY FOCUS
that must be rememered and focused upon!!! Because THAT is bigger than Cuomo, Deblasio, Preet Bharra, Sheldon Silver, and Dean Skelos!!! The work of the People, and it, like life itself, MUST GO ON!!!

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