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Monday, December 6, 2010

The chronicles of Washington(the wreck of the democratic treader)

AS the dems continue wrangling with the repubs regarding Tax cuts and other maters, this blogger is amazed at how akin to the coming Narnia movie is the current situation in Washington! Evil( and by evil I mean the republicans, for indeeed what else could you code those who would fight for millionares and not for poor people?) is on the rise, and the elected leadership in the White House is awash on stormy political seas! But unlike the Narnia series, there is no guaranteed happily ever after, there is no Aslan to step forth and make everything all right. As is shown in nearly every fairy tale, there is no compromise with evil, there is only the confronting of it, and the conquering of it! And to do so will require fortitude,bravery, and confidence and courage in your convictions! The ship of state that is currently being helmed by President Obama is in danger of becoming a wreck on the shores of political compromise, so to put it quite simply and again to take a page from the books of Narnia, its time for someone on the democratic side of the aisle to ROAR!!!!!!

AS far as the Charlie Rangel situation goes, this blogger has not lost one bit of regard for him as a statesman, and neither has his consituency, and that more than anything is what matters here, and that should indeed have been taken into account by those who made the decision to censure mr. rangel, but it wanst and that is the problem with washington and Politics in general. They hear what they shouldnt and are deaf to what they should hear! NY needs a lot more powerful and well regarded by the people representitives Like Mr Rangel and hopefully he will allow his continued representation of the People of Harlem to speak for itself!

And lastly This blogger just wants to say, Imagine if the dems had lost it all? would there even be any effort for compromise if the republicans controlled the Senate and the House? the poor in America dodged a huge bullet  but just barely!!! Something to think about!

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