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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Straight talk about the political year that was and the politics that will be!

AS the year 2010 comes to a end, it will be remembered for how the American public was led down the primrose path by rhetoric away from reality. Rhetoric, unceasing and unrelenting from the republican party charged the atmospshere around everything, from health care to religion. Rhetoric turned the electorate rabid and the resulting foaming at the mouth in america changed the agenda for change in Washington. Rhetoric turned us against them, turned black against white, white against brown and christian against muslim. Rhetoric ended dreams, turned sucessful policies and initiatives into percieved failures. Rhetoric built walls on arizona borders and put thousand of people into the streets in protest, rhetoric had cogressmen spit upon, and it made the rich richer. Yes 2010 was the year of the bully pulpit and there were no bigger bullies than the republican party ,who manipulated rhetoric as a means to their ultimate end, which was to seize power and control! So with the year 2010 coming to a close we now have to wonder: what will rhetoric bring to america in 2011? How will rhetoric drive the debate on capitol hill and in America in 2011, what will be the agenda?What will be of priority? Jobs?Tax cuts? Deregulation? immigration reform? getting the troops home? China? Korea?Iran? Israel & Palestine? Repealing "Obama"care? To be frank  I think the straight Talk that will be of Priority on capitol Hill will be that of taking back the white house, and continuing political agenda plain and simple that will not benefit the average american one bit! 2011 will be about Obama, the republican party , Sarah Palin and not much else. The year that was was the year of rhetoric, and the year that will be will, unfortunately for America  be more of the same!!! Happy New year America

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