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Monday, January 3, 2011

You cant be Bi-partisan without the word Partisan!!!

As all this silly talk about how there is going to be such efforts to be bi-partisan on Capitol Hill continues, the democrats need to know that there is only one real bi-partisan agenda afoot on Captiol Hill, the partisan intent to say goodbye to both the Obama administration and the democratic controlled Senate!! Simply put you can spell the word Bi-Partisan without the word"partisan" Just as you cant spell the term 'frenemy"without the term enemy!! So by all means lets continue to aspire to bi-partisanship, lets all be frenemies up on capitol hill , and we'll see who will be the better off for it!  the democrats put their hand in the moth of the crocodile in 2010 and the republicans gleefully bit it right off! and rather than learn the lesson, the democrats want to put the one hand they have left right back into that crocs mouth? "In the spirit of bi-partisanship? why dont the democrats seem to get it? I get it! Rush limbaugh has gotten it from day one!Sarah Palin gets it! Fox news gets it? Mitch Mcconnell gets it! everybody gets it but the democrats, HELLO!!! The republicans are out to get you! What part of that dont you understand? They partisanly want to tell you goodbye! That is the only Bi-partisanship they are interested in, and if you dont come to that understanding and soon, that is exactly what they will be telling you in 2013 democrats, and in a completely partisan fashion I might add!Bi-partisan=goodbye Democratic power on Capitol Hill!

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