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Monday, January 31, 2011

Chaos war( the egypt situation)

So once more the realm of chaos, the middle east erupts! And as madness feeds upon itself, the US and the rest of the modern world is stirred to concern. It is simply sad that the world is virtually jumping, flinching due to the primitive aspirations of neanderthalic Chaos! And its appaling that due to our over dependance on fossil fuels( and the money earned from same) that we must remain shackled to such madness! Simply put its time for some straight talk on the Middle east and I hope that in her meeting today, The Sec of state Delivered it!I dont know about you ,but as a American, and a NYER, Im more than a little tired of having to be concerned with the actions and whims of primitives, with the acts and whims of chaos! Chaos breeds chaos and destruction breeds destruction, but such darkness allways gives way to the light, and it is way past time for we  in the modern world to shine  a light on the middle east! A light of reason a light of truth! We have indulged the chaos, given way to the darkness for far too long! Its time for some serious strategy that will isolate and negate,once and for all the influence the middle east has over the rest of the globe! It's time to end the war of chaos that has been waged for far too long in the middle east! Because to be quite simple :we are better than that!!!! And the world deserves better than to live in fear whenever somethign happens in this region!

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