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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Game of Thrones

Lost amid the clamor in Egypt is the fact that the republicans are and have made a continued and concentrated PARTISAN effort to repeal "Obama"care. So much for a new spirit of Bi-partisanship! And as they continue to crow on Rising tide, I mean Fox news, I again must wonder Aloud: When will President Obama see the Political forest for the Political trees? He may, as he is wont to do,stand above the political fray, but the republicans are steadily, and successfully undermining the very foundations on which he is trying to stand! The republicans are running a race right now and this is no Aesops fable, the tortoise will not come thru in the end! This is a game of Thrones, a game of power, a game that the republicans are expert at, and  will stop at nothing to win!  It's long overdue for President Obama to GET INTO THE GAME!!!! The effort to repeal "Obama"care is only one move, of many that the republican party are making! And if the President   doesnt begin to take the game of politics more seriously, his "throne" will be claimed! He cannot continue to allow the republicans to play their game unchallenged. That is how 2010 was lost, and how 2012-13 will be lost! Its time to play the Game President Obama! Because to paraphrase, its how you play that decides whether you win or lose!

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