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Friday, February 18, 2011

Wild in Wisconsin

Here we go again! The real republican party has shown its face in Wisconsin and the people are aghast at what they now see! And as this anti worker, anti union Gov attempts to turn the clock back in America we can see why you should never, ever, elect republicans enmasse! In a republican world cash is king, and  you only have as much rights as you can afford! I for one, only hope that the calls of recall the Gov. grow louder and louder in Wisconsin, because this is simply ludicrious! He is nothing more than a tory in sheeps clothing! It is hilarious how the republicans cotninue to try to represent themselves as "True Americans" when the fact of the matter is that if they were back in the days of the American revolution, they'd be on the side of the crown!!!! This is the result of buying the bill of goods you were sold America! The republicans are in control. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

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