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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The fact and the Fox(political potpourri)

Hilarious how much the republicans celebrate themselves as'Reagan" republicans when the clear fact of the Matter is that they are "Rupert"republicans as in Rupert Murdoch! I wonder how like wading into sewage was President Obamas interview with Bill Oreilly? 'They hate you" well Duh!!!!! Speaking of that Hate ,it is sad that on the 1 year aniversary of the first ladys efforts against obesity, a recognized problem in America, she is still harranged and ridiculed for her efforts, like another great first lady before her, Nancy Reagan, who went thru the same thing in her "Just say No" campaign. Ah Politics, gotta love it! As for the Grand old Man of the Republican Party Himself, Mr Ronald Reagan ,I can paraphrase with great certainly one of the great statements of the 20th century ' I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine, and Bill Oreilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean hannity, Laura Ingram, Michelle Malkin and all the rest you   arent 'reagan republicans, Or reaganesque, and indeed you and all the rest sully the mans legacy every time you invoke his name!!!

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