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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dark before the Dawn

It seems that Egypt, with the determination of the masses, and the stubborness of Mubarak is rapidily reaching the point of no return in this story of rage and revolution. And sadly ,as usual, it will be the military who will decide the direction in which this story will  move toward, indded it is Egypts military who will decide how this story concludes! Will Mubarak stay or go? It will for the military to decide ,since they are the power behind the throne. Will they side with tyranny which clamors for more or will they stand with the people of Eygpt who have said enough!? The choice must and will be made, and soon,  because as Egypt  now stands in the dark, sooner or later the dawn must come, and the light that comes with it. And Egypts Military must decide, and soon, where they will stand in that light and how they will be seen in it. Because the world its watching and waiting. Egypt is watching and waiting, and for generationsto come in Egypt  it will be remembered whatever decision was made in the dark
and how it stood before the world in the light of egypts coming dawn!

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