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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Peace thru strength!

AS the world wonders and worries about what will come of the Middle East's decent into chaos, it is clear ,to me anyway, that the USA ,after decades of diplomactic expansion, must consider a bit of retraction, especially as it pertains to the middle east! Simply put ,the Middle east is a mess, as shown by the events currently underway all over the region! It is a anarchic nightmare waiting to happen!But the truth, the reality is, we have the power to minimize its effect on us! The Middle east holds no Real  strategic value for us, its products ,other than one, are not vital to us, and to be frank we dont need its buisness! But as long as we have been  forcibly shackled to OIL, we remain in danger and we remain concerned! And that is the problem!If we change our policy in the region, if we cut our Middle eastern Oil consumption by, say 20 percent, we would see a SEA change in the middle east overnight! If we cut immigration substantially, cut foreign aid, and even our troops there, again we would see a SEA change! It is a travesty that the greatest Nation in the world is shackled by the greed of the oil industry! It's absurd that nations that are and should be given a gadflys notice, have become a greater danger to us than the Soviet Union ever was! To this I say enough, and so should the USA! I think we need to apply the Reagan doctrine of Peace thru strength ! Let us withdraw from the region, but let them never forget or fail to respect our strength. Strength that could be exemplified in our withdrawal from the region.  Peace thru strength. because such bold moves would create the SEA change that is clearly needed in Middle east relations!

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