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Monday, February 28, 2011

Take back America(the democratic way)

AS battles rage all over America in defense of of th right to Unionize, we can see that FINALLY the democrats are organizing, and standing up to take back America! And they are doing it the democratic way, by standing up for people not standing against them! By standing for something, not against everything! These stands being taken in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and beyond are what the Tea Party wishes they were, and for the issues that, for republicans, will never be of concern. This is a true everyman effort, in the spirit of our forefathers, in the spirit of the consitution, the declaration of independance, the bill of rights, the civil rights movement , you name it.  It is a movement that does America proud, not a movement that brings america shame like the Tea party has! And as these real americans fight for real american values, for fairness, truth and justice, the cry needs to go up once again to TAKE BACK AMERICA! But take it back the right way the DEMOCRATIC way! Take it back from the forces of intolerance, greed and avarice and return it to the people! And that is just what is happening! Huzzah!!!!!

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