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Monday, February 14, 2011

The "Chamberlain" budget!!

As President Obama comes forward with his federal budget for 2011 he is , with his cuts to such things as heating assistance for low income families and other such things, reminding me of Neville Chamberlain  and the infamous "Munich Agreement' when he ceded much of europe to Hitler and the Nazis! Because like Chamberlain appeasing the nazis, so is Obama, with this budget, appeasing the republicans!!! And just like the nazis before them, the republicans are not satisfied with the appeasement! Chamberlains folly went down in history and he is forever remembered as the man who essentially handed over europe and nearly the world to the nazis! Will President Obama go down in history as the man who due to his continued  efforts and Bi-partisanship which is simply another word for Appeasement  handed over the USA to the republicans? I for one, certainly hope not, but he is clearly on that path! Chamberlain was a good man, with a good heart, but he failed to see that the nazis needed to be confronted, and the world nearly paid the price!   Now President Obama needs to see and recgonize that the republicans must be confronted not appeased! Because the republicans are not interested in "peace in our time" or Bi-partisanship Mr. president! the mistakes of the past----!

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