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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Straight talk on Libya

Clearly with it being "strongly' considered by the US to set up a no fly zone over libya, I would recommend strongly against it! With all of the chaos and unrest in the Middle east, America is allready being blamed, and for America to been seen as actively committing to unseat a leader, we will have Iraq all over again! If the international community commits to this, then we should be on board, but this should not be a USA led effort. As egypt did before them, the libyans must fight and win their own freedom, the same goes for all the other nations who seek to step out from under the Arabic yoke. The middle east stands on a precipice, and it would only take one ill conceived or even worse ill perceived act of US involvement   to open the door wide to radical islamisim and radical islamists who are chomping at the bit to get their ball rolling! Fight hard for your freedom Libya and the others, and know that America has you in their prayers, but this is your war to fight, and your war to win, not ours!!!

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