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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Political stew 125

Here's a yummy stew of all things political folks! Firstly: If Donald trump is truly going to run for president, then he needs to get away from the same old mantras because they will diminish and trivialize his campaign very quickly! And to the mantras of which I speak, let us ONCE AND FOR ALL bring a end to the"birther"Nonsense! So are all those who keeping brining up this insulting and frankly racist nonsense saying that ever since Barrack Obama became a public officical noone in the city of chicago or the countyof same, Noone from the state of Illinois, noone from washington dc, the Us senate, CIA,NSA, FBI,SECRET SERVICE,IRS, SOCIAL SECURITY, noone has definitive knowledge of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES citizenship?  this is a most insulting and racist statement and it indeed speaks volumes on just how far we havent come in America! enough with the "birther" BS, and anyone who is truly trying to be a public official or is a public official or Media person needs to stop with such drivel! because its ignorant, insulting and racist"Ni--er wheres your Id?" WTF????

Now to those saying that Sarah Palin shouldnt run, I say why shouldnt she? People say shes going to lose power and influence by making a "Losing" run? Uh, isnt that how she gained her power and influence? I think its simply a matter of the republican establishment not wanting to accept or support her because of her being a "maverick" republican. Sarah has nothing to gain and a lot to lose by not running, and she shouldnt let the republican nay sayers deter her from running. She will bring a lot of to the race, and as the saying goes, if you cant stand the heat-----!

As far as the libyan effort goes, when will people admit that Obama got it right. its not a war, we are particiapting in a UN action THE WAY its supposed to be, not the way its been for too long. Let the chips fall where they may, as long as we  did our part, then our conscience as a nation can and should be clear!

Thats your stew, straight from the Kitchen at Politics 125 enjoy!!

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