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Saturday, March 12, 2011

repost( does the word moderation mean anythign to you?)

In the aftermath of the wisconsin debacle, and all other madness that is republican ,I offer this repost of a earlier online column. Enjoy!

As more and more Political leaders belly up to the bar of political excessiveness regarding fiscal prudence and govermental budgets among other things, I think its time to ask them all ,who are clearly over-imbibing on this political alcohol, if they know what the word Moderation means? Because clearly moderation has(as it all too frequently does when the republicans are in control) gone right out of the window!!! Rome was not built in a day, and our fiscal problems in America werent caused overnight! And even more importantly, they wont be solved overnight! But with a resolute and moderate path and plan they can be! But all this slashing away at things like social welfare Ie: medicare & social security, and the attacks on collective bargaining are simply outrageous and need to stop! There is nothing like the spectacle of a drunk, because to them nothing is too outrageous, being as insulated from reality by the alcohol as they are. but when the morning after comes, how regretful they are!! And that is what is coming for the republicans and all those politicans who are following the path of politically motivated extremism as it realtes to fiscal policy! The Morning after the drunken binge!! When you wake up and see just what bedfellows you have made, and when you have to face when you, in a drunken state, have wrought! Wisconsin, Ohio and more to come are the morning after! And its a wake up call those who think that Political excessiveness is the answer had betrter heed! Moderation people, moderation!

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