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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Filling the republican void

AS the republicans struggle with trying to find someone with the political chops who can actually challenge President Obama in 2012 it is clear that only one candidate has the experience, has ran a national race, is media savvy, and can raise the funding needed. Who is that candidate? Why the republicans worst nightmare of course, Sarah Palin! So what do the republicans do when the person best qualified, the person with the most experience in a national race, the person who has the best chance of raising the funds required is the person you least want to run? Simply put the Republicans have got to swallow their pride and get with the Palin program, because Newt,Michelle, Tim, perennial Mitt , even John Mccain (who Im sure is entertaining thoughts of giving it one more try), have a snowballs chance in you know where of being president! Right now , as I see it, the only, the best option for the republicans is the one they least want and that is the little lady from Alaska! Plain and simple she is the only one who can run  and should run! The republicans have a void and the only one who can fill it is :SARAH PALIN!

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