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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In the tradidtion of America(Obama's libyan involvement)

Ok  lets give credit where its due, the Obama administration with its involving itself in the Libyan affair, has continued in the tradition of Anerica to keep up and maintain its role as the leading democracy on the globe!  It is american tradition to be there as a brother in arms when people are crying out and fighting for freedom, as a matter of fact this was exactly what they were criticizing the preisdent for not too long ago of not being  ! So as Obama, in the tradition of Bush's 1 & 2 of Reagan, of Clinton, and so many more, reaffirms that America is that point of light, as he re- affirms that the fire in lady libertys torch burns bright for the world to see, lets give a little credit to him and his administration for keeping a  American tradition, the tradition of supporting and standing with those who are crying out and fighting for freedom against tyranny and autocracy!!!!
Because he and his administration stands in good company with this action!

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