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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The state of the Union statement!

AS Obama pursues his State of the Union address this tues its very simple, the statement made here must be one of ideas presented versus Ideas lacking. Support of what has worked and what will work versus what hasnt worked and what wont work! And it must be a statement staking a clear postion against what has been status quo!!! As Obama addresses the state of the union, his statement on same must be clear , concise, and pointed, and that point must prick, it should simply fail around in the ether of the moment! It should speak about the failure of status quo polices and ideas like deregulation and tax cuts. It should speak about the partisan nature of things like repealing"obama"care, and it should speak to those who benefit unfairly and and unjustly from the largress of the USA's economic policies and stances IE: China! The  State of the union, as it comes from President Obama  must, above all things , be a statement on where things stand , what they stand on, and where he intends to go on the issues as the leader of this nation, and it must be a pointed statement! Because whether he(the president) likes it or not, the response to the speech  is going to be very partisan and very pointed as well!!! SO simply put Mr. president, STICK IT TO THEM, because without fail they are going to stick it to you!!!

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