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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The wages of rhetoric are death!!!

So the madness of the rhetoric spewed in Arizona and nationwide has finally come to a head, and a womans life may have been the cost of it! It will be most interesting to see how fast the republican spin machine springs into action to distance themselves and their politics away from the responsibility they so clearly deserve in this matter! This is what fanatical rhetoric begets! This is what abandoning responsibilty begets! this is what putting the pursuit of power above all else begets! The wages of rhetoric are death, and though in the coming days they will strongly deny it , the blood of this congresswoman and the others who were shot today in Arizona is on the hands of those republicans, media figures and media outlets who engage ,support, and employ the type of virulent rhetoric that has created a climate where a congresswoman can be assasinated on American streets or american soil! Whats the differance between republican rhetoric and Islamic rhetoric, clearly, given the result in arizona today, not much!!! I for one, hope this is the turning point! I hope that this is where the uncontrolled and irresponsibile rhetoric finally meets a hard reality, but whatever the case the price paid for it is far too high!!!

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