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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Clean up jobs! Obama's State of the Union address, and the state of Sarah Palin

As President Obama prepares to give his third State of the Union address, the president must take the prime opportunity that it presents to begin the clean up for 2012-2013 and the race for the white house! As well as to get the proverbil jump into this pivotal legislative season! This speech will be key for The president if he is to proceed forward with his progressive legislative agenda, or if he will continue to be bogged down in the political muck and mire of partisan and politically motivated regession that has been his bane the last two years! There must be fire, there must be passion, and there must be a lack of the restraint that the president has had in the last two years regarding the partisan nature of capitol hill. As I said this sppech will be key, either it will be used to get a good jump into this legislative session and pivotal political year, or it will serve to further enmesh the Obama administration in the  political morass that they continue to slowly sink in!

As for Sarah Palin, it is sad that as she continues to try to improve her pedigree, to polish her public image , she keeps, as Obama does, becoming more and more sunken into political muck and mire! And with time running short before things  get serious, Sarah Palin, if she is to truly make a run for the roses in 2012-2013 needs to clean up! She needs to sever her ties with Fox first and foremost, because as long as she continues to be seen as "Fox property" she will cotintune to be damaged goods! And she needs to step outside of her comfort zone, because that zone has characterized her and not in a good way politically. And most importantly Sarah needs a good clean interview with the "lamestream" media! And in her defense, the Mainstream does need to be more objective with her! I'd be defensive and in a shell if I was being treated the way she has been by the media as well!Dont take out your anger at Fox on Sarah Palin Mainstream media, be what Fox is not, fair and balanced! Calling Barbara Walters, Calling Barbara Walters! To be frank right now Sarah Palin is like Cinderella before the Ball, and unless she undergoes a magic cleanup and soon, there will be no happy ending to the Sarah Palin Political story!

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