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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what republican could win in 2012

As the contemplation grows about what republican could bear the standard for the party in the 2012-2013 Presidential race, it must become radically clear to anyone who entertains those thoughts that , whomever it will be,  It wont be a "Fox news" republican! Because to be frank without the , as Sarah Palin puts it,  "lamestream" there will be no chance! And anyone who is seen ,above all else, as a "Fox" candidate will be almost certainly doomed to fail! The person who will win the nomination and make the run for the white house will, GUARANTEED, be the republican who is not  even remotely linked to or seen as a Fox republican, or a Hannity  republican or a Limbaugh republican or A tea party republican! So to Sarah, Huckabee and all the others who continue to suckle at the teat of radical rhetoric and fanaticism that Fox news represents, I tell you: WEAN yourself!Because if you truly intend to make a serious run for the white house, Fox News will swiftly go from mothers milk to Poison for you!

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