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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remembering the Unforgettable(MLK)

AS we ,on this Monday, remember the unforgettable, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., we should all, as americans, particularly in this chaotic time, reflect on what he accomplished. We must remember that in the face of violence , rabble roused crowds and hatred, in the face of harrassment, hardship and intimidation, enduring all that and more, Dr. Martin Luther King jr. stood up to do what was right, and he lead america to do what was right as well. He changed the nation, not thru violence , intimidation or the threat of same, but by simply standing on the ground of what was  right. How powerful, how cool was that? Change not thru violence or war or hate, but by peace, and non-violence and most importantly of all, the conviction to believe in the decency of your fellow man. Dr. King was a man for the ages, a man who set the standard that is still striven for today, whos spirit is still felt today from tuscon to tennesee, from Arizona to Albany, indeed throught the world! If you are standing up for what is right, and you still believe in the decency of your fellow man, and you have the conviction of that belief you stand in supreme company, because you stand with dr king. If you stand against hate, racism, intolerance, violence, repression, harassment, and all their like, you stand with Dr King. And if you stand with Dr King, then everyday by your actions you are helping America to allways remember the unforgettable. That shining moment in history when America, as a nation, truly lived up to its ideals, to its consitutition, to all that it declared itself to be. America. Lead by a true leader, a american hero, Dr Martin Luther King jr.

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