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Friday, December 3, 2010

How are those tax cuts working for ya?

As the debate over tax cuts rages on capitol hill, I thought I'd  pose the question to everyone Sarah Palin style as it pertains to them; So, how are those tax cuts working for ya America? Whats the unemployment rate at this time? Nearly 10 percent you say?! And how long has America been enjoying the benefit of those tax cuts?  Can anyone say why, with all this cash infused in them, the Job creators, as they've now been termed , the RICH, havent created more jobsin America? With the revenue, earnings and wealth being so top heavy in America, why hasnt some of the enormous amount of wealth up there trickled down and translated itself into new jobs and new investment here in America? Simply put, Tax cuts for the rich are nothing more than greed personified, and for the republicans this fight for them is nothing more than republican politics as usual! And the fact that they have taken a let them eat cake stand against extending unemployment benefits for the nearly double digit unemployed in america, while fighting to the death on tax cuts for the rich, is simply insulting to all americans, rich and poor!We have went in America from the greatest generation to the greediest generation! And as it  was said on capitol hill in the past, and what needs to be said again to the republicans. who have the audacity to stand up and fight for the continuance of these tax breaks for the rich while poor and average people are struggling in America, Have you no decency sirs????

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