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Monday, November 29, 2010

How to train your madman and other political pot luck!

As the world dances to the strings pulled by another Long time madman Kim jong Il, it seems that the world is at a loss for how to deal with him and his madness once and for all! Noone wants war, a huge war(except for of course the madman himself) But what other option is he giving the world? I could see the anguish in the South Koreans presidents eyes as I watched him speak. He knows that his options are severly limited.So ,what is to be done? Simply put its time to get tough! Tough with north klorea, and  tough with the country that facilitates and shields N Korea, China!To be frank China has gotten too big for its britches and that bad attitude is clearly of the United States's making! As the saying goes its time  for the USA to remind China of where its bread is buttered, and let that trickle down to North Korea! Its time to turn the tables here! let's  limit access to US markets at least temporarily, to show China we are serious about their actions, and by proxy North Koreas actions and turn up the diplomatic pressure as well! Enough is enough its time to rein in and train the madman!! North korea is the little guy talking tough with the Big guy backing his play, but once the big guy is taken down, the little guy will fall silent like the coward he is! So lets get tough USA enough is enough!

As for Wikileaks
 this scandal will be easily handled by Sec. clinton, but the damage has been done1 I hope the Dept of State goes after Wikileaks and puts them out of buisness! We dont need a national enquirer when it comes to global politics! It's irresponsible and dangerous, especially in this time and day! Shut down wikileaks!

And lastly on the coming deficit debate. today pay was frozen for everyday americans working for a living, but yet it is impossible for those who can afford it to pay more taxes? I guess that is what republicans call shared sacrifice! and what the tea party calls reiing in spending eh? Go figure!

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