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Monday, November 15, 2010

what if the repubs get it right?

OK we all know that with their penchant for robbing for the rich and taking from the poor, the republicans have a snowballs chance in hell of holding on to the hosue for more than 2 years, especially given the dire economic straights of the nation, and their historically tin ear towards all that comes with economic challenge. But what, I ask all, if the republicans got it right? What if they saw the light and realized that Obama is right on ending the tax cuts for those who are making over a QUARTER MILLION  a year? What if the republicans woke up and decided instead of fighting to repeal Obama care, amended it to include a public option, creating millions of jobs and health care for all? What if the republicans supported a new and larger targeted stimulus with the point of creating jobs for the American public while the job market still lags. What if the republicans fought for the unemployed instead of against them ? Yes what if the republicans finally got a grip and saw that Gov is supposed to be there for the people in times like these? What indeed would happen if the republican party finally got it right? That is something we probably will never know!

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