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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autobots vs Decepticons

AS battlelines are swiftly being drawn on capitol hill, and as eyes are cast forward to 2012, the continuing war between the Autobots and Decepticons that is the struggle for political power on capitol Hill is one that must be fcoused on and attended to Particulalry By Preisdent Obama and the national democrats. The republicans while they are deceptive in their means, rousing rabble and catering to the base instincts of their consituency, are not deceptive and never have tried to be when it comes to their Ultimate goal: Total conquest of congress and the white house! Total power and control, and they dont care who they have to eliminate to get it. And then we have the democrats, who, in their efforts to be noble and above the fray have failed to realize, unlike their autobot Avatars for want of a better term, that sometimes you have to FIGHT for what is right! And as this war continues and the autobots, I mean democrats are pushed to the brink by the decepticons, i mean republicans the democrats, from Barrack Obama on down are going to have to make a choice, and they are going to make to make it sooner rather than later!Either they are going to have to fight or they are going to have to flee! Because the republicans are coming for the whole she-bang make no mistake about it! So simply put Democrats Let's roll!!!!!!!!

And a word about the rangel situation: words cannot express the shame I feel about how this matter was handled, I only take solace in the fact that Mr. rangel, a congressional Icon if ever there was from Is from NY where we take care of and Love unconditionally our own ! Do Not hang your head in shame mr. rangel, but take pride in the years of service to this nation and your consituency. who as they proved in the last election know and respect the real U!!!!

Also just in case U didnt know people the republicans are fighting for Tax cuts for the rich while denying unemeployment benefits for the poor.  Yep thats what they mean when they say take back the country and less big government. If youre poor and unemployed, youre on your own!

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