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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


With the president a world away, and with the republican mess waiting for him when he returns we have simple a bit of political fol de rol to discuss while we wait for the war to begin! (and No the first lady touching the Indos hands is not a international  incident, shes a black woman thats what they do!!) As far as the Tax cut issue goes as I aid Fol De  rol, this is a war the republicans will fight and lose BUT only if the dems fight hard to make the public understand that this is a tax cut for them, not the rich! Here's a slogan  the dems can recycle It's the rich stupid!!! AS far as the ending of the unemployment extension goes, again republican FOL DE  ROL! the first President Bush faced the same choice and the radicalism advocated by  the gingrich led republicans of that time led to him losing the white house and the gingrich republicans being thrown out on their ear! But hey lets talk about taking food from babies mouths in this time of record unemployment go ahead republicans Make -My -day! and lastly on the repealing of "Obama" care somehow I dont think this will be the continued cover issue that the republicans hope for, the Tea party has shot its wad, there will be no way the republicans can focus on this issue with the economy being foremost in the minds of the public at large(unless of course the Obama administration backpedals into that again) So what we have is more FOL DE ROL! THe republicans did a masterful job of pulling the wool over the eyes of the american public, a masterful job of fol del rol! but will it succeed? I say to that fol de  rol!! Because that is exactly what it is!!

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