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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Korean Craziness and Palin for President????!!!!!!

As the latest installment in a portfolio of craziness unfolds on the korean peninsula, the world is forced to turn their eyes and give attention to the immature petulance of a nation in agony! North korea, due to the leadership of a man out of touch, under the guidance of doctrines and a philosophy(communism) that has been a proven failure, has created for itself a no win situation! They have created, at the expense of its people  and the growth of its nation, a military regime. But what is a army with noone to fight? And what place does a million man army have in the era of smart bombs, drone planes and other such technological innovations? Simply put, North korea is in its death throes, with a failed leadership desparately trying to remain relevant. And as Kim  jong il heads (swiftly we can only hope) toward his demise, it is clear that despite all of the petulance, despite all of the madness, change will come to north korea. A change that will sweep away all of the madness that the North Korean people have been subjected to over the decades! Out of touch and rapidly running out of time, THAT is what all of the tirades and tantrums thrown by North korea are all about.Because for all of accumulated OUTDATED military might, North korea cannot even feed its own people, it cannot even sustain its own economy. North Korea to be frank is a joke, a nation perhaps the only nation on earth still operating in the 60s instead  of the year 2010, soon to be 2011. And to be frank it is to be pitied, not hated, and certainly not feared! True  South korea has to bear the brunt of North koreas childish petulance, but its a light burden. North Korea is in a box, and no matter what they do, until they move into the modern era and realize that such tactics will avail them nothing, we must not give them any way out of that box. Which is what they are seeking here. I must imagine that wanting a fight and not getting it is a special kind of hell for the North koreans and to be frank we need to do eveything to keep them in it. I look forward to Kim Jong il someday turning over in his grave when North and South Korea finally reunite In peace and harmony, when the Obstacle that he is is finally removed by the huighest power of all!

Now to another pressing issue  the question whether or not Sarah Palin should run for president?  And to answer that question I say why not, it is America after all and she is a former Gov. I think the problem that is had with the concept is more a republican problem than anyone elses, becauser depsite all that she has done since the failed run  of 2008, the party elite doesnt support her or believe in her, but while they seem to turn a blind eye to her public success, the look oh so lovingl on proven losers like Mike huckabee, and Mitt Romney, or to a falsae hope that someone can emerge like a chris christie , anyone but sarah Palin. and that from a political perspective is a bad i dea. I think the republican party would be better served being with Sarah that being against her, she is a force now, fully charged with the media spotlight and a charge like that doesnt fade take it from me and she will make quite the run, but it will be to the detriment of the republican party if they continue as they have done in denigrating her chances. to be frank barring a major faux pas By Sarah Palin IE: cutting her hair, she is going to look very good out there on the campaign trail against Romney ,Huckabee and all the rest!

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