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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to be thankful for in America.

Ok, as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Holiday season in earnest, I think that given the times, the politics, and the controversies at hand before us, We, as Americans, need to truly examine just what we need to be thankful for this Hioliday season in America. Firstly: We need to be thankful for the legislative action that led to the saving of the economic structure of America! Can you imagine what this Holiday would have been like for America if the banks had been allowed to fail? If   wall street had been allowed to collapse? Can you say depression America? There was a lot of political bluster about it, but if you can find anyone who was alive during that sad period of American history, Im sure they will tell you they were glad it wasnt repeated! We in America should also be very thankful that Tarp also saved the Auto industry in America. For as the holidays approach, there are many a auto family who still have means to live! There is a current unemployment crisis in America, but how much worse could and would it have been if not for the government stepping in? Though it was successfully painted by the republican party as a bad thing, ask any family whose  job, whose livelihood was saved, and Im sure they'll tell you different! From the auto makers down to those who purchase autos, the bailing out of the auto industry is something we in America should be very thankful for this holiday season! We should also be very thankful for the stimulus program, another postive legislative measure that was painted negatively for political purposes.   If there was no stimulus, How many americans thanskgiving tomorrow would be a sad one? The stimulus, Politics aside, was a Jobs bill, and I can think of no better example of a gov stepping up and serving the people than that. So that is something else we in america should be very thankful for this Holiday season! Another thing we can be thankful for this holiday season is pat downs at the airport, because without such security, lives could and would be lost! Can you say Lockerbie? how about 9/11/01? I think a little momentary insecurity is a good tradeoff for total safety and security as you travel to your destination( and on a side note, A mere 2 years ago such talk would have been deemed unamerican! Such a proposal as the one for protesting this policy would have been unthinkable during the Bush years!!) So, stupidity aside, we should be very thankful in america for those who are doing what must be done to keep us safe! And to that end, most importantly of all, we should all be thankful for the young men and women who are fighting and standing ever vigilant worldwide,our soliders, because without them there would be no thanksgiving! Indeed without them there would not be a America! So when you enjoy your thanksgivng celebration america, be very thankful. Because to be frank, if it were not for all that I  have cited, and more that I havent It could and would be a lot worse here in America!

Happy Thanksgivng to you all!

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